Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance

A course for advanced beginner flamenco dancers who want to refine their technique, and discover how to dance with a flamenco singer and guitarist.

Does any of this sound familiar?

I can't hear the rhythm

You understand that flamenco is a rhythmic dance and that if you don't have control of the compás you aren't dancing 'flamenco'. Even though you try to listen you just don't feel connected to the rhythm.

I have trouble remembering steps

It takes you time to learn the movements and when you leave class (or your practice session) you can't remember what you did an hour later. You try to practice at home but you're never sure what to do.

I'm not confident

You’ve watched tutorials, followed all of the directions perfectly, but your dancing just doesn’t look like the flamenco that you see being performed. You’ve invested a lot of time to get it right, but it just isn’t working.


It’s time to defeat the struggles that stopped you from beginning, paused your progress, or bruised your confidence.


Study the Art of Flamenco Dance

Master flamenco dance technique, find your rhythm, and discover your unique flamenco voice.

Stop trying to do too much at once

Use the technique we teach you in the course to guide your practice sessions. We make it easy for you to jump straight to what you want to practice with each class divided into bite-size sections.

Prioritize the process

If you were ever unsure of where to begin or in which order you should practice steps, watch our full classes to see the movements develop from the basic rhythm to a full body expression.

Connect to the rhythm

When learning a new palo (flamenco style) it's important to focus and allow yourself to become immersed. We focus on one rhythm, Fandango de Huelva, and reinforce it in every class.

Hablas español?

No? No problem! All of the classes are taught by maestro José Merino in Spanish and we've tranlated every class with English subtitles.

Learn a choreography in your own time

If you've ever found it difficult to learn a whole dance (or even a part of one) you can keep coming back to our classes as often as you need.

Cante flamenco, where it all begins

Flamenco dancers are more than just dancers. We need to understand flamenco music and song as well. José shares his insights into the artistic interpretation of the choreography and the communication between the flamenco dancer (that's you) and the flamenco musicians.


Why this Course is Different

Comprehensive Technique Training

Unlike other dance classes, this class is deeply focused on fundamental dance technique that will support you when you go on to learn choreographies and perform.


Why this Course is Different

Deep Focus on Flamenco Rhythm

When you feel confident in controlling the compás you can start to enjoy the experience of moving your body in connection with the music and cante. The whole course focuses on one rhythm (Fandango de Huelva) and each class builds on the previous with different exercises each time reinforcing your sense of rhythm.


What You’ll Learn

The compás of Fandango de Huelva

Typical palmas patterns and palmas improvisations for Fandango de Huelva

Correct technique for zapateado (footwork), braceo (arms), manos (hands) and quiebro (inclined torso postures).

Typical mistakes in technique that can affect your ability to stay in compás when you dance.

How to layer movement to create full marcajes for Fandango de Huelva.

The use of your head and small gestures to add character to your dancing.

'El entre-paso', the key finding flow in your dancing and your ability to improvise on the fly.

A complete choreography for Fandango de Huelva created by José Merino only for students of this course.

The melody of the flamenco guitar for Fandango de Huelva.

Interpretation of the choreography with a guitarist and singer and how to adapt your dancing for different types of singers.

Your Instructor

José Merino
José Merino

José Merino is an international dance artist, teacher and choreographer.

José made his professional debut with BALLET DE MADRID led by José Granero. A former dancer with the acclaimed BALLET NACIONAL DE ESPANA, where he performed the role of soloist and first-dancer for many productions and has toured extensively throughout the world. He has worked with and been a guest artist with the renowned company of Antonio Canales and the company of Karine Saporta - National Center of Normandy (France) among many others.

Through his dance studio in Madrid and many international workshops José has inspired hundreds of flamenco dance students to discover their unique flamenco style through hard work and learning to dance with their heart.

Class Curriculum

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PDF workbooks

PDF Workbooks Accompany Every Class

Each class is fully documented in our PDF workbooks. Each step, each exercise along with extra hints and advice about how to get the most out of the course. $100 value


Exclusive Student Only Facebook Group

Our facebook group is a place where you can find help and support from both José and Renae from Flamenco Bites and meet dancers from all over the work. Ask your questions, share your experiences, join our community of dancers! $100 value

Flamenco music bonus

Music to Use for Your Practice

We've recorded some music for you that you can use for your practice at home. We have tracks that are compás only as well as a track that matches the choreography from José.

Baile structure

The Structure of the Choreography Explained

As you learn the choreography the structure of the dance is explained as it relates to the cante. We have everything documented for you so you can keep referring back as your work your way through the dance. $50 value

Translation of cante

English Translation of Flamenco Lyrics

So you you can gain an understanding of the theme of the cante we have translated the lyrics sung by La Charo into English for you.

Cante and compas

We've Broken down the Cante Against the Compás

One of the reasons we love teaching fandango de huelva to beginner dancers is because the lyrics of the song match the compás in a clear structured way. To help you understand this connection we've mapped the lyrics over the compás to make it easier for you to follow along.

Fundamentals of
Flamenco Dance

$ 297

Study technique with maestro José Merino, imerse yourself in the rhythm and the deep dive into an incredible choreography for Fandango de Huelva. Finally, study the art of interpretation with José, La Charo and Manuel 'El Marmol'.

5 Modules
38 Videos
5 Hours
  • Access to 38 HD step-by-step videos (Every class downloadable)
  • Lifetime access to the class
  • Unlimited Updates
  • 3 technique classes
  • 2 choreography classes (accompanied by flamenco guitar)
  • Special class: Interpretation of Fandango Choreography with Cante
  • PDF workbooks for every class
  • Exclusive Student only facebook group
  • Downloadable mp3 files to use for your personal practice
  • In-depth explanation of the structure of the choreography
  • English translation of the flamenco lyrics
  • Explanation of the cante as it fits with the compás

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is available indefinitely. It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
Do you offer refunds or guarantees?
You bet! If you try the classes and decide that this course isn't the high standard you expect from Flamenco Bites we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked. Just email us within the first 30 days after your purchase for a full refund.
What level of flamenco dance do I need to do this course?
This course is aimed at dancers with some knowledge and experience of flamenco dance (1 to 2 years). It is not a course for complete beginners however José does cover the basic fundamental technique for all movements. Complete beginners will find the choreography challenging.

Please ensure that you seek professional medical advice before undertaking any Flamenco Bites classes or workshops. Particularly if you have not undertaken exercise for a long time or if you have any concerns about your health and fitness. Flamenco Bites is not responsible for any injury or damage caused by following these videos or taking part in a live class.

The videos provided in this course are for personal use only and may not be distributed, reproduced or shared in any form. By purchasing the course you are agreeing to these terms. Flamenco Bites reserves the right to update these terms at any time.