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We created Danza Estudio Flamenco Bites to provide a powerful community for Flamenco Dancers all over the world to share, learn and help one another.

Through a monthly subscription of $35 USD, members have access to online flamenco dance classes with maestro José Merino, guidance on independent study through a private blog and access to a student only facebook group of like-minded supportive dancers from all corners of the world.

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Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance

Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance

Our flagship course for advanced beginner flamenco dancers. Study dance technique with maestro José Merino and learn a complete choreography for Fandango de Huelva. $297 value

The Art of the Flamenco Skirt

The Art of the Flamenco Skirt

In this class you will be introduced to the correct technique for the use of the flamenco skirt. $27 value

10 Days to Better Rhythm

10 Days to Better Rhythm

Improve your sense of rhythm with this unique course of exercises created by Flamenco Bites. $47 value

Vueltas Flamencas

Vueltas Flamencas - Flamenco Turn Technique

Study the correct technique for two flamenco turns, the 'Vuelta de Pecho' (Turn of the Chest) and the 'Vuelta de Tacón' (Turn of the Heel). $47 value

El compas y el toque para baile

El Compás y El Toque para Baile - Soleá y Alegrías

Study the rhythms and the music of soleá and alegrías with maestro José Merino and Manuel 'El Marmol'. This class was created specifically for dancers to study flamenco music in prepration for dancing. $47 value

New content each month

New content added each month

For as long as you remain a subscriber you'll be able to access all the new classes and courses that we add each month.

Coming Soon. You'll have access to our member only blog with extra tutorials, in depth discussions on learning flamenco dance and behind the scenes fun from what we get up to here in Madrid.

You can join us in our private student only facebook group where you can meet flamenco dance students from all over the world and get your questions about flamenco answered.


Learning should be on your schedule. Our subscription offers a low-risk, cancel-anytime opportunity to start learning with Flamenco Bites.

Here are comments are some comments from some of our students regarding 'Fundamentals of Flamenco Dance'

I just took all parts of the first class and it was AWESOME. Ustedes estan hacienda un buen favor al mundo de estudiantes de flamenco! En serio. I am a subscriber for life! Jose es un maestro EXCELENTE! Strict but not cruel, very concise instruction delivered con cariño.

I have been taking flamenco class for a number of years with various teachers but I have a lot of holes of understanding. This on-going instruction is just what I need and crave. Plus I can rewind and repeat until I have it down.

- Holly in Mexico

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to the course?
As long as you remain a subscriber you will have access to all of the course videos.
What format is the course content delivered in?
The course materials are shared as streamed video content and PDF course workbooks.
Can I share my subscription/purchase with a friend?
No, the purchase of a Flamenco Bites subscription is for personal use only and sharing of your personal login is not permitted.
What level of flamenco dance do I need to do this course?
This course is aimed at dancers with some knowledge and experience of flamenco dance (1 to 2 years). It is not a course for complete beginners however José does cover the basic fundamental technique for all movements. Complete beginners will find the choreography challenging.
What is your subscription cancellation policy?
You can cancel your subscription at any time. The minimum subscription period is for one month. You'll keep access through your next renewal date, at which time your account will be converted to a Basic Free membership.

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